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Family Greenery
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2 Double beds
Air purifier
Complimentary Wi-Fi
4G Pocket
Wi-Fi Device
43” LED TV
Marshall speaker
Coffee table &
comfy chair
bathroom amenities
Non-smoking room
Towel & toothbrush
Hair dryer
In room safe
In room spotify playlist
Room size: 280 sq.ft.

Designed to accommodate up to 4-5 adults, Family Greenery offers two double beds.
These uniquely spacious rooms integrate modern appeal with travel efficiency. 


When you are traveling in a group, ample space should never be taken for granted. Looking out to the stunning
Kowloon Cricket Club greenery with mountainous silhouettes in the distance, our Family Greenery
accommodates up to a party of 4, offering 2 double beds. The 280 square foot room is fully furnished with a
work desk, ample closet space, marble bathroom with a standing shower and sink, along with our Page
Hotels essentials for guests to enjoy - a Marshall Speaker with an in-room music playlist exclusively curated
by us, Appelles bathroom amenities and air purifier. Form and function perfectly sum up our Family Rooms –
a space that truly takes care of all your needs…and more.


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