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Triple Greenery
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3 Single beds
Air purifier
Complimentary Wi-Fi
4G Pocket
Wi-Fi Device
43” LED TV
Marshall speaker
bathroom amenities
Non-smoking room
Towel & toothbrush
Hair dryer
In room safe
In room spotify playlist
Working table
Room size: 230 sq.ft.

Triple Greenery features three single beds with modern décor and accommodate up
to 3 adults, perfect for group travelling. 


When the pulse of the city calls for you, let Page Hotels connect you to its very heart. The 230 square feet room
features three single beds with modern minimalistic décor and accommodates up to 3 adults, perfect for a trio
travelling together. Our floor to ceiling windows looking out to Kowloon Cricket Club greenery makes the space
feel open and connected to the city, with plenty of natural light coming through. The room includes a work
desk, ample closet space, marble bathroom with a standing shower and sink, as well as some of our favourite
items - a Marshall Speaker with an in-room music playlist exclusively curated by us, Appelles bathroom
amenities and an air purifier to ensure that you breathe in only the freshest air throughout your stay.


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