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Signature Greenery
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1 Queen bed
Air purifier
Complimentary Wi-Fi
4G Pocket
Wi-Fi Device
43” LED TV
Marshall speaker
Coffee table &
comfy chair
bathroom amenities
Non-smoking room
Up to 2 people
Towel & toothbrush
Page Common
coffee drip bag
Hair dryer
In room safe
In room spotify playlist
Room size: 250 sq.ft.

Signature Greenery offers a queen bed accommodate up to 2 adults with a range of
modern amenities to meet our explorers's needs. 


Our Signature Greenery is the ideal stay for the modern traveler. The sleek lines and subtle textured concrete
walls inspired by the minimalistic design of Scandinavia make for a tranquil space to recharge and revitalise.
The large recessed windows open up to views of the neighbouring Kowloon Cricket Club greenery, iconic
skyscrapers and mountain silhouettes. The comfortable 250 square foot room is equipped with a work desk,
ample closet space, marble bathroom with a standing shower and sink, the contemporary space meets all of
your daily essentials. Each room consists of some of our favourite things – a Marshall Speaker with an in-room
music playlist exclusively curated by us, a mini bar to house some of our favourite bottled drinks, along with Appelles
bathroom amenities and air purifier. Cushion yourself in comfort inside the Signature Greenery.


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