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Be the maker of your own experience
Kick back with a cocktail as you gaze out to the panoramic views of London.
Or simply embrace a cup of coffee at our part coffeehouse, part hotel lobby.
All at your disposal.

The Lobby

Page8’s lobby design disrupts the traditional hotel lobby concept. To provide a warm welcome for our guests from the moment they enter the hotel, the lobby check-in is cleverly merged with our Page Common coffeehouse that is a destination in and of itself. The space, open and ample, is all about modern living. Our guests can linger for hours, flipping through numerous indie glossies with coffee table books at their disposal. These lifestyle elements truly speak the Page Hotels language – affordable luxury at its simplest form. 

Page Common

Page Common is a dynamic haunt frequented by locals and tourists alike incorporating bar and our very own artisanal coffeehouse, offering an assortment of fine coffee beverages and curated dishes to delight the palate.

The coffeehouse is designed to encourage conversation between people, be it sharing coffee tips with the baristas or exchanging riveting travel stories with other hotel guests.


Mon-Sun 0730-2300
Call us +44 203 879 9400
8 St. Martin's Place,
London WC2N 4JH


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