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Superior Twin Room
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2 Single beds
air purifier
Complimentary Wi-Fi
49” TV
Marshall speaker
In-room artisanal coffee
drip bag and tea
Soft and hard
pillow choice
Co Bigelow amenities
Room size: 20.5 sq. m

The Twin Room includes 2 single beds (90cm x 200cm each) that can be arranged 
into a super King size bed (180cm x 200cm) for up to 2 adults to give our explorers 
the ultimate flexibility to create one bed from two halves.


The Superior Twin Room, staring out to the architectural masterpieces on Adelaide and William's Street
and the quaint St Martin's Place, the 20.5 square meter room includes 2 single beds (90cm x 200cm each) that
can be arranged into a King size bed (180cm x 200cm). Accommodating up to 2 adults, the room also features
a work desk, minibar, ample closet space, white marble bathroom with a standing shower and sink, as well as
some of our Page Hotels essentials for guests to enjoy - a Marshall Speaker with an in-room music playlist
exclusively curated by us, Page Common coffee drip bag and tea bag, C.O. Bigelow bathroom amenities and
Blueair air purifier. Set the mood right and let all the good things fall into place.
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